Pantser’s Guide to Getting Unstuck

I thought this was helpful and that I would share. 🙂

Mad Genius Club

So, you’re a pantser. If you’re really lucky, you’re an extreme pantser like me, where your characters tell you things on a “need to know” basis – and you don’t need to know. And you’re stuck. Hard. You don’t know what should happen next in your story, and your characters won’t tell you.

The methods I use aren’t a guarantee, but they work for me, and they’ve worked for other pantsers. They’re worth trying, if only for the value of seeing words fill that blank space at the bottom of your manuscript. Yes, even if you do have to rip them out later.

So… here’s what I do when I’m stuck.

First step, I try to think through what my characters would logically do next at this point. If I’m really lucky, one of them will get irritated by my fumbling around in his, her, or its skull and start…

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