My trip, part two : Orlando

Ocala_FLI made it to Orlando about the same time as Alicia did but she beat me to the hotel.  Mostly because she had a cab driver who knew where he was going…sort of…and I drove by the place three times before I found it.  (I stopped at a gas station and asked a cab driver for directions.)

I had been awake more than 24hrs.  I was hot and coated in an uncomfortable layer of sweat.  But there was no time for naps or showers or even a change of clothes.   We had exactly enough time to toss our suit cases in our room and rush back down to the car.  We had dinner reservations to make.  (As in get there on time.)     Fortunately I knew exactly where I was going this time. (I passed the building during my quest to find the hotel.)

medieval timesMedieval Times. Though it would have been nice to freshen up before dinner, (and nap) if there was one place we could feel okay about it this was it. I mean in actual medieval times most people only bathed around four times a year, unless you were rich.  (After the black plague people began to bath more.)

I was also starving by the time we got there.  If you’ve never been you Medieval Times they serve you a lot of food while you watch knights and horses perform for your amusement, and you eat with your hands.  By the time food was set in front of me I don’t think I would have cared if there were utensils. I probably would have eaten with my hands anyway.

It was a great show.  I loved the horses. We were supposed to be cheering for the black and zebra templarwhite knight, but my favorite was the green knight. You could tell that he got along well with his horse and the horse enjoyed what they were doing.

I ended up buying the sound track too because I loved the music and thought it would be good to write to.   After dinner we returned to the hotel and I kind of don’t remember much more of that night.  At some point I must have showered and changed clothes but all I remember is laying down on the nearest flat surface. (Which was fortunately my bed and not the floor.)


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