Back Again

Well I had a successful adventure and have returned home none the worse for wear….well a little sunburned but that was from the car drive home so I don’t really count it.   I had grand visions of frantically scribbling down notes during my trip in a journal.  It didn’t happen.  I did have a wonderful time though.

Right now images from my trip are crowded together in my head and I am not sure which to examine in word form first.  I had a lovely visit with my cousin, stayed awake for about twenty seven hours, went to Medieval Times, finally slept, ate breakfast twice the next day before heading off to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, had an amazing lunch at the three broomsticks, followed by a horrible dinner at our hotel, jumped on a ship and left the country…..there is just too much and truly I am to tired to pick just one piece of my “vacation” to write about at the moment.   There will be a long post later, probably filled with dozens of minor things no one but me cares about. 🙂

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