A new pretty

IMG_20130416_165421_682Today I got a custom made chain mail bracelet. I do not often wear jewelry but this is both shiny and makes noise. It has little bells spaced around the weave. Also I had the opportunity to watch the craftsman in action as he added the bells per request to the length of chain he had already created.

Master Maillers is a small on line business owned by a couple of friends of mine.  It is fascinating to watch the pieces they create slowly come into being. They graciously answered my questions and agreed to allow me an interview soon, which I will be posting here.

But until then here is a quote from the master craftsman himself,

Master Maillers has almost 15 years experience making high quality maille products. These products include Jewelry in its many incarnations… Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Rings, and more. We also make more traditional Maille items including full suits of armor, and just about any custom designs you can think of, all at fairly reasonable prices.

I am thinking of ordering a necklace to go with my bracelet but I haven’t decided yet.  If anyone else reading this decides to check out their site, use the coupon code CREATIVEWELL for a 10% discount on all purchases.

There is some neat stuff.  Unfortunately, my purse isn’t big enough to afford everything I mugging forkwould like to order….hmm a chain mail purse… that certainly could be used as a mugging deterrent 🙂

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