Longing for the Library

I feel the need to go to the library today.  I don’t know if it is because the sky is overcast gray and there is a chill in the air or if it is because I have been under so much stress lately.  At any rate, I am going to attempt to go.

87885327_b0db9347cf_zI want to walk up and down aisles of books stretching far above my head.  I want to breath in that smell of paper written wonder.  I don’t know what I will check out, but then I never usually do.  I just wander around until something catches my eye or a random stray thought prods me in a direction.  I typically leave the library with almost more than I can carry and there is usually little rhyme or reason in my selections beyond the thought “I want to read that.”

Today though I think I may go in search of Orson Scott Card.  I have been meaning to read catbookshis Alvin Maker series for sometime and have never gotten around to it. I have a long day of errands to run today and I am anxious that not everything will turn out the way I hope it will.  Having a steady paper friend waiting on me when my day is done is something to look forward to.


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