Hitting The Wall

Some people say Writer’s Block doesn’t exist. I think it all depends on your point of view.  Writer’s Block is where something, often ourselves, gets in the way of whatever we are working on.  You come face to face with some sort of wall that seems next to impossible to get around.

I am currently starring at such a wall right now.wall

I know that it is my own doubt that is keeping me motionless and my own fear of completing this work in progress.  I fear that it will suck even after I’ve put so much effort into it.  I worry about what I will work on after this story is finished.  I fear that my creativity will dry up. These are all unfounded fears of course, but they still seem to keep me frozen in place.

So, I give myself permission to suck.  I give myself permission to write past this wall even if they words I put down are the most awful ever written.  There will be stories after this one, and everything else can be fixed in the edit.

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