Notes to my self about publishing

no-moneyI am broke. This is not an unusual occurrence. In fact having money is the more unlikely state for me.  When I do have disposable income ( a term that for some reason makes me giggle) I never have it for long because there is this long list of needs and wants that eats it up before it even really registers that I have a little bit to spare.  (This is why Amazon and ThinkGeek have wish lists.)

Anyway this is only relevant because I spent this rainy Easter weekend scrolling through the the 400 pages of free ebooks on Amazon.  I didn’t sort by genre I just looked at them all, because I read a little bit of everything and…I was bored.  I learned a lot.

First:  When I am ready to put my stuff out there for the world to see a good cover is an iwdayala0240cabsolute must. I know that is common sense but after viewing 146 pages of ebooks you only stop on the ones that catch you eye.  (Not that all of my stuff is really going to be in the free section but the concept is still the same…)   The saying is don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but honestly the cover is the first thing a reader sees and first impressions count.  (If your reader isn’t at least intrigued by the cover they may not glance at your work long enough for a second impression.)

boring_bookSecond: Don’t start the Book Description blurb with the phrase The book you are about to read… or This book is about.…   it is annoying.  The blurb should sound like what you would read on the back of a movie case or the back of an actual book.  It should be a simple synopsis of the book that intrigues and draws the reader in.  There should be enough there for them to want more…bad enough that they purchase the book.

Example:  When Ashling entered the palace on the night of the Autumn Masque, she full intended on leaving with something valuable.  She did not intend on that thing being a Prince.

….or something like that anyway….I don’t really like this one either because it sounds like rose9_1.jpgc62f86e3-cdcd-4dc7-982f-04b54c4ee167Large-1the beginning of a romance novel rather than a fantasy novel.  This is something I will have to give some thought to when I finally have the story ready to go up.


george martinThird:  If you are a new author don’t start with a big saga or trilogy of books. Start with something smaller to give people a taste of your writing style to see if they like it, then you can move on to the epic sagas (if that is what you write).  I don’t want to start reading the first book in a saga or trilogy because I feel like it won’t give me a complete view of the author’s abilities because there is no real end.  There maybe a pseudo end, but I want a beginning, middle, and a satisfying end.   This can be tricky.  The main point is don’t force a seven course meal on someone when they only want a sample of your cooking to see if they like it.  They need to have options.

These are three of the main things I want to keep in mind as I write for self publication and-i-said-to-myself-talking-to-self-mirror-demotivational-poster-12898736601and consider epublishing on Amazon. My main objective is to write an entertaining story that others enjoy.  They won’t enjoy it if they never read it because they are turned away by the outside package or the trappings that accompany it.


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