a starting point…

moonlightThe night job has kept me busy this week but now I am off for the next few days.  Time to catch up on all that writing I didn’t do….among other things.  (Not that I didn’t write, I just didn’t write on the things I am supposed to be working on.)  I neglected my computer.  I’ve not been on line or anything in days.

Today when I checked my email I had over a thousand messages. Mostly they were 100_9068facebook updates but still that was a lot of stuff to wade through.  I managed to clear out most of it and now only the semi important stuff remains.  (I decided I needed caffeine before I opened any of those.)

Now that I have time and opportunity I know I need to get to work but I feel lost.  I am not sure where to start. I need to finish my WIP but I also need to get busy on my next draft of the other two books I already wrote.

I am feeling impatient today.  I just want something done.  Something completely finished.  *sigh* If wishes were horses….284646_432685473474603_712801232_n

*rolls up sleeves and pops fingers* Oh well time to get to work.


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