Muddling around in the middle

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal SkullThe muddle in the middle can stop a writer flat.   You know how you wanted the story to go.  Maybe you are even one of those organized people who did an outline. (Something I very rarely do.  Though I am trying this thing with note cards and a cork board…)  Eventually though you are going to come to the sinking quicksand, energy sucking, enthusiasm crushing, muddle.

Usually this happens about half way through a story.  Sometimes it isn’t until 3/4 of the Quicksand_9977way through.  (If it happens after the first paragraph you may want to sit and think about your story some more before you try to write it.  Chances are you may have some great characters but no story to go with them…or the reverse problem, story but no characters.)

The point is you will eventually be doing the writing equivalent of slugging through two feet of mud uphill.   (If you have never experienced the muddle then you either haven’t written enough or you are one lucky…person, and should probably keep it to yourself,  least other writers feel the need to pelt you with their ditchmanuscripts.)   The secret to getting past the muddle is just to keep going.  If you stop and stand still you are going to sink or be lured away by the sirens call of a fresh tale.  Either way, it means the death of your current work in progress.

Just keep going.  The ground will eventually solidify underneath your writing feet and you will find the going easier.  Honest. I just made it out of the muddle myself.  250559-quicksand



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