Just a short note of happiness

Snoopy-Dance-3Last night at work I received a surprise.  One of my beta readers returned my manuscript complete with notes. She brought it to me and said “if you flesh it out you might have something there…”  She also said she sat down and read it straight through in one sitting. 🙂

I haven’t gone over her notes yet or reviewed the manuscript again myself.  I am saving that for my week off, when I have more time.  But I am extremely happy at the moment.  I have feed back!! YAY!

She also offered a couple of verbal tips and suggested that my target audience might not be reader_smallexactly who I thought it was.  A little tweaking and a little fleshing out and I may have written an older children’s/young adult book.

For some people this may sound discouraging but as long as it is a decent book and people read it I am not upset at all.  In fact some of my favorite books are children’s books or young adult novels.  Robin Mckinley, Diana Wynne Jones, & Diane Duane have all written books that I have read dozens of times.  (I’ve had to buy multiple copies of Howl’s Moving Castle because either I wear it out or I loan it out and it never comes back.)

I go day dreamy over the possibilities.  I will probably revisit this subject later during week roald-dahl-inspiration-quote-motivation-life-advice-believe-in-magic-glittering-eyes-childrens-author-writerafter I have had a chance to scan my manuscript. Right now, it’s bed time and I have happy thoughts to tuck me in. 🙂

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