A Post Con Post

101_0001Yesterday I attended Connooga in Chattanooga Tennessee.  It was a multifandom convention, which means they catered to a wide spectrum of fans.  There were literary panels as well as science fiction and anime panels.  Sadly, I did not get to take advantage of these.

The main reason I braved the crowds was because my ten year old wanted to go.  She had heard on the local news that the actors who played Jango Fett and Boba Fett from Star Jango_OPWars episode II were going to be there and begged me to take her.  So we threw together a couple of Jedi costumes from various things in my closet and went.  Since I was primarily attending for her benefit, I let her choose our itinerary, which did not unfortunately include sitting in literary panels.    We spent the majority of our time in the dealers room where I met up with some familiar faces that I met at Liberty Con last year.

John Hartness was there promoting his books and I was able to speak to him for a few moments (before my daughter drug me away).  He will not be attending Liberty Con this year so I was doubly glad I decided to give in and day trip Connooga.  I have read his Black Knight Chronicles and enjoyed them immensely.  Anyone who is a gamer or a fan of role playing games would love his books.  I’ve read Bubba the Monster Hunter as well and enjoyed it too but I prefer his vampire P.I.s.  In my opinion he has an awesome creative and humorous writing style.  (Monster hunting rednecks and smart ass, geeky vampires may not be everyone cup of tea. But as I’ve said before, I read a little of everything.)

DSCN0229I also met an author by the name of Stephen Zimmer and picked up book one in his Fires of Eden epic fantasy series.  I haven’t got to read it yet and even though I read at a reasonable pace I foresee this particular book taking me awhile.  597 pages doesn’t seem like much when you get really into a book but when it is a brand new (to me) author it can be kind of intimidating.  Needless to say this isn’t going to be one of those quick fun reads, but longer books also have the advantage of really letting you get to know the characters and explore the story.  The book is titled Crown of Vengeance.  I will try to let people know what I think of it when I am done. Though from speaking with Stephen, fans of Tolkien will probably like this book.

DSCN0226The panels I did attend at Connooga were the kids panels.  My daughter got to paint a miniature plaster Mandalorian Helmet and sew her own plushy.  She had fun and I managed to pick up some awesome stuff in the dealers room.  (I bought a plot bunny. DSCN0230lol)We had a great time.


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