Brain fog ramble

Mooch-in-the-MorningI woke up early today (for a work night) and thought I should post something since I have been so remiss on updates.  The only problem is that I still have the sinus plague, so my head is heavy and my brain feel floaty from meds.

I am still working on my urban fantasy novel and my scifi novel just needs an extra bit at iwdayala0240cthe beginning and a little bit more tweaking before I send it back out to my Beta readers.  I am taking my time about it though because my Betas still have my fantasy novel and I don’t want to over load them.  (Though I don’t think anyone has actually started reading it so far.)

My beta readers are awesome…I just sometimes get impatient for feed back, especially if its a story I am unsure about. (Honestly that is pretty much all of them when it comes time to let others read them.)  I hope to have something finished, polished, and up on Amazon  sometime this year.  If everything goes right I will have several somethings up.  That’s my plan anyway. I guess we will see how well it goes.





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