Under the Weather & Over weight

tissuesI am feeling under the weather today and have spent a good portion of the daylight hours under the blankets.  (Which is a good thing if you consider that I have to work tonight.) Anyway, around eleven I gave up and went to the doctor.  (It was either that or find away to remove my face and let all the yuck out.)    I have been avoiding going to the doctor for several reasons.

1:  I’m a big baby and I don’t like going to the doctor.  If I go to the doctor then they will tell me I am sick. (which I already know but am trying to ignore.)  and they will give me medicine, which I also don’t like. (But will make me feel better for the illness I am pretending not to have.)

2:  I will have to explain why I didn’t come in earlier.  (It is slightly past time for me to pick up a refill prescription for my anti-anxiety meds.)

3:  I don’t like sitting in the waiting room with all the other sick people.  (What if I catch something I don’t already have?  Then I will have to come back to the doctor again.)

4:  Scales.  (If I wanted to know how much I weigh, I would have a scale at home.  As of Garfield-Speaks-the-Truth-imagination-9595471-800-600right now I don’t own one…that may unfortunately change…I seem to have gained a few more pounds than I thought…)

And number 5:   I am a big baby and I don’t like going to the doctor.

Regardless, I did go.  They gave me a steroid shot, my refill prescription, and sent me home with the reassuring words of  “If it gets worse come back.”   Now I am sitting here pouting because I don’t feel well and I now know how much I weigh. 129102094850410469

Which means I will have to do something about it as soon as I feel better.  I mean I don’t need to loose a ton like some people have to struggle with. About 20-25 pounds should do very nicely. But it means more activity and keeping a closer eye on what I eat.  That means fitbodyfitbrain-mainI need time and concentration on that aspect of my life, which in turn means less on another aspect.  The kids, Work, Writing, Sleep, or the House.   The house is already on the bottom of the list.  The kids have to remain at the top.  Without work none of the others are possible….*sigh* which means sleep or writing, both of which are equally important to my continued survival….I guess I will just have to find another way to squeeze in some exercise.   Maybe power walks in the morning or something… They do say exercise is good for the brain.  http://news.discovery.com/human/life/bulging-brains-does-exercise-make-you-smarter-infographic.htm

Oh and I did write today. 🙂


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