Thank God for Coffee Shops

r2-d2-alarm-clockI woke up late this morning.  It was a mad dash to get in and out of the shower, feed the cats and goldfish,then get the kids up, ready and out of the door for school.  I remembered to pack lunches, sign papers, and enforce the wearing of coats….but I forgot to take out the trash.

I did manage to somehow toss last nights dishes (which I should ghosthave done last night) into the dishwasher.  Unfortunately I put a metal mixing bowl in oddly and so the water inside the dishwasher kept hitting it and echoing. It sounded like the moaning of a damned soul and scared the kids.  (It kind of freaked me out to until I tracked down the noise and figured out what it was.)

army field packI dropped the kids off at school and signed them in. (I had to carry my daughter’s back pack to her class room for her because it was so heavy that she couldn’t lift it.  It was almost too heavy for me.  I think military field packs weigh less than my 4th grader’s back pack.)  I could have gone home and fought with the trash cans until they were lined up on the corner of the driveway…but I didn’t.

In desperate need of caffeine and food, (because I fed the kids but not myself) I stopped at BcnEggChsCrsntthe coffee shop.  I love walking into the building and having them greet me by name.  (Because they know me, not because of some enforced corporate regulation.)  One bacon, egg, and cheese coffeedeskcroissant and a medium house coffee later, and I am starting to feel awake enough to write.

I have my current WIP (work in progress) on the agenda today, as well as some revision work on two separate novels. (Though the more I keep working on the fantasy novel the more it is starting to look like a really really long story rather than a book.   There are two more books that go along with that one that still need to be written, so maybe I’ll just make it one big three part book….)

Anyway, here’s to coffee shops, friendly baristas, and writing.  May your Monday be productive enough that you are content, but not so much that you are stressed.  Happy writing everyone.524px-S2e8_jake_drinking_hot_tea

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