Content and Lazy

Garfield-Speaks-the-Truth-imagination-9595471-800-600I had a pretty good writing day yesterday.  I wrote for two hours in the morning and got a decent amount done.  Then I hurt my knee while making breakfast (don’t ask, I excel at random injuries) and spent most of the rest of the day gazing longingly out the window at the sunshine and watching Castle re-runs.   Today my knee feels better and I hope to eventually get outside for a little while.

I haven’t written yet today. (Yes I know. I am a bad author. But I am writing here so that counts right? No?  Oh well.)  I have instead been playing on facebook and reading random spacearticles on gun control, Jupiter, and publishing.  (I won’t go into my views on gun laws but I will say that if anyone wants to see Jupiter tonight is a good night.)

I will get around to writing today but right now I am just enjoying being lazy for a little while.

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