Christmas Eve

cast-of-a-charlie-brown-christmas-2I’ve been feeling kind of up and down lately, like Charlie Brown trying to figure out what Christmas is all about.  I know the story of course. My grandfather was a preacher, it would be kind of hard not to.  Every year we would all gather at our tiny church on Christmas Eve and someone would read it by candle light.

My tree is lit, presents are wrapped, the kids and I have baked cookies, and I even read them the Night Before Christmas.  Sounds like the typical traditions have been observed right?  I’ve even watched the Grinch steal Christmas and the Griswolds acquire their tree.

So what am I missing?  Where is the magic?  Well this morning when I turned on the t.v. I got my answer… sort of.

The kids had left it on one of the cartoon channels so the first face I saw this morning was Steve Urkle from the show Family Maters.  It was one of the Christmas specials I suppose because there was a tree and talk of Santa Claus.  However the words that had me pause over the channel button were:  “Because it’s a miracle Laura, you don’t analyze miracles, you just believe in them!”christmas_eve

Clark-GriswoldMy name is not Laura but the words struck a cord.  Like Clark Griswold, I have been trying grinch-headertoo hard.  Like the Grinch, it was at that moment that I remembered “…Christmas perhaps, means a little bit more.”

There is so much going on in the world, a lot of it bad, that we get wrapped up this time of year either with the Christmas Blues or with forced cheer, trying to make everything just right.  We can’t make the world perfect.  It’s not made that way and everyone has there own version of perfect.

We can however remember miracles and accept them for what they are.  Don’t analyze.  Find a dollar when you needed one?  Get a phone call when you were down?  Someone show up for a surprise visit?  For every bad thing advertised there are a dozen little good things left unspoken.  best_41241bb5c2574fffced6_A_Charlie_Brown_Christmas_




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