Falling behind in life

523898_427143540690691_680257817_nI have been remiss lately on wishing dear friends happy birthday,  I have “finished” my Christmas Shopping only to realize I forgot people, and trying to remember what I need when I go to the grocery store has become a joke.   Lately I just can’t seem to keep up with everything.  You would think with all the facebook reminders and grocery lists and with speaking to certain people everyday I would remember it all.  But it just doesn’t happen.  Especially when you add in kids and cats.


I have had to run back out twice over the last week after getting home from work because I forgot we were out of kitty litter or didn’t realize we were running low on cat food.  I gave up sleep on Monday to watch my daughter’s Christmas concert and tomorrow I have to find a way to be in both kids’ classrooms at once for their Christmas parties.

What I really want to do is hide out at a coffee shop for the first hour and then show up for Garfield-Mornings-garfield-172375_312_318the second hour, spending thirty minutes in each class.  I don’t do crowds well.  I will probably suffer through the whole thing anyway because, I’m mom and that’s what moms do.

260786634643864780_BGZ6cMSS_bI will get up at dark thirty to have my quiet writing time before they get up.  Make sure they are up in time for school, dressed and fed.  Make sure they have all of their stuff then take them to school and do the party thing. Afterward I will take them home and feed them again.  Then we will go meet up with their dad, step-mom, and baby half sister to go visit Santa.  Then we will come back home….you get the idea.  Somewhere in there I will try to remember to purchase more kitty litter because it looks like we are low again.

*sigh*  I now know why people spike eggnog.   eggnog_Flickr_izik

2 thoughts on “Falling behind in life”

  1. I had to smile when I read the cat litter part as my daughter has indoor cats and always seems to be running out of cat litter. Mine is an outdoor cat so I only have to have it when I bring her in for bad weather.

    I hope you find time to enjoy the holidays…a little spiked eggnog sometimes helps!

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