Procrastination, it’s my middle name. No, my other middle name…


Right now I have so many tabs open on my computer that when I click on one I lose the one I was on previously.  I should be writing.  I had planned on it.  I just haven’t gotten to it yet.  Mostly it’s because I’ve been doing other things.

Heavy DownpourYeah, the trash did need to be taken to the curb, laundry needed to be started before it takes over the hall, and a cup of tea is a necessity for such a wet day, but those things take about ten minutes to start or accomplish.  It doesn’t explain away almost Victory-Teathree hours.

I’ve been posting funny pics to facebook, searching for a Christmas present for my sister/awesome beta reader, and I ran a virus scan on the kids computer because my ten year old downloaded something.  A Christmas present needs to be found and the computer needed to be scanned but those things didn’t have to be done right now.

In fact, even this post didn’t have to be done right now.  I have no focus today.  Time to put on my writing hat and get to serious work…right after I make another cup of tea…242068548691347910_SdG06Ue4_f



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