Adventures in rewriting

529999_537707582911959_46484713_nI have been sitting in front of this screen for about two hours and I have very little to show for it.  My plan was to write on new stuff for a bit then start sorting through the two massive stacks of paper that I call my works in progress. (Actually I have them in binders. I learned my lesson from the one time I handed my sister/beta reader a three inch stack of paper to review. She hit me with it and then went out and bought a simple binder and a whole punch.) Things have not gone as planned.

I did write a little on some new stuff, but when I pulled out my latest manuscript I realized that may not know how to use scrivener as well as I thought I did.  I have not been using it long and all the tutorials make it seem simple. But I somehow have managed to make a mess of things.


Scrivener has this awesome ability that allows you to move chapters and other bits around so you can rearrange them however you like.  Unfortunately I seem to have handled that about as well as someone handed a riffle for the first time ever and tossed into a skeet shooting competition.  My manuscript is now as upside down and backwards as it would be if I had left it out of the binder and with kitty treats hidden among the pages.  (I have two cats by the way.)


It is going to be a real head ache to sort out.  I could go work on the other one but I would rather save it until I have this one semi coherent.  That way I will have something easier to work on while my beta readers are hacking at the new one.  (The older manuscript is on its third rewrite/edit and was written in word.)

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