Long time no post

snoopySo it’s been a while….

I have been so busy with life, NaNoWriMo, and work that blog posts have kind of fallen through the cracks.  I just got off work a little bit ago, so this probably isn’t the best time for me to attempt coherent writing.

I did managed to make it through the funeral and 50,000 words.  It wasn’t easy but it got done.  (Maybe I can get my focus back on track now.)  I did learned a few things writing my nano novel this year.  (I usually do, that is why I do it.)   One of them was my writing speed.

Not the mad dash to the finish line where I write down every single thought that pops wordsinto my head, but my more comfortable everyday writing speed.  I learned how many words I typically can write in an hour, then I added up how much that would be in an eight hour day, and then a week.  I was surprised.

I have tried writing schedules before but I never really had any research into my own writing speed to go on when I made my daily word count limits.  Now I know and I can make more realistic goals.  Starting in January I intend to start a new writing schedule.  We will see if what I learned during nano helps or not.  I have high hopes though.

out of toush


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