Grief and Thanks

It has been a really rough week.  My aunt passed away this week, which makes the fourth family member I’ve lost in the past two months. I’ve not felt much like writing so my nano novel may not be finished this November.

The same day my aunt passed, someone else whom I had met not too long ago was killed in an accident.  I can’t exactly refer to her as a friend because I didn’t know her quite that well but she was a dear acquaintance with promises of friendship.  She was a kind person with a strong spirit and her presence in this world will be greatly missed.

My aunt had cancer. We knew her time was short, but when it came to an end we were all crushed even though it was expected. She was an inspiration to our family, a strong woman who raised four strong men.  Her sons continue to show that strength that she passed on to them, even now.  I know she is proud of them.

Work was a nightmare this week.  Part of that was the fact I was just trying to hold it all together until my day off and part was because someone thought a pre-Thanksgiving sale was a great idea.  Our work load was double what it normally is, including two trucks.

However, despite all that has gone on, I can’t help but be thankful for what I do have.  The time I did get to spend with those loved ones that have passed. The time I have with those still here.  The ability to hug my children. Friends that are always there no matter what.  I have so very very many things to be thankful for that if I listed them all here this post would go on forever.

Thank you all for stopping by this blog and reading. I would like to encourage you to write down some of the things you are thankful for as well. It doesn’t have to be where the entire world can see, just on a slip of paper somewhere.  If you want, you can even just post a comment here.  The important thing is taking that moment to stop and consider what you have and take a moment to cherish it.


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