Words written

Sometimes I go on goodreads and search the quotes.  There are times I do it for inspiration and times that I am just procrastinating.  Either way, I pour over all these words written by beloved authors and poets.  Some of these writers are still living while others have gone to that big library in the sky.  (Everyone has their own idea of what heaven would be like. Mine is filled with books.)

It is encouraging to read words penned so many years ago and know that they still touch people.  It is exciting to see words just recently publish that continue to follow that tradition.

If I have a dream involving my writing, I would say that would be for my words to be able to stretch across time and distance and touch a person.  To let them feel, for just a moment, what I feel.  For myself and my reader to have that momentary connection of the heart.


“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.”
William Wordsworth



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