Antagonist? Well, yeah I guess my book kind of needs one of those…..

So I was writing along, feeling pretty good about my word count when I came to the end of a scene and hit a blank.   I knew there was something missing.  Something that I should be turning my focus on next to further the story, but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out what.

I re-read a little of what I had already written, tweaked a minor character death, then returned to my very basic outline for ideas.  That was when it hit me. My antagonist hadn’t gotten any screen time yet.  So I opened up a blank page, set my fingers on the keys, and froze once more.

Who was my antagonist again?  I mean I know what he is supposed to do, but who is he?  What does he look like? What does he sound like?  Does he wear too much cologne? Walk with a limp?  Hate sweets and bright colors?  I didn’t even have a name.

So I thought about it for awhile, got really sleepy and went to bed. (Yeah I’m a procrastinator.) Then I woke up in the middle of the night for a trip to the bathroom and got assaulted with ideas.

Moral of the story?  Give careful thought to your villains before you sit down to write because they have no qualms about bludgeoning your brain at 2am.



4 thoughts on “Antagonist? Well, yeah I guess my book kind of needs one of those…..

  1. Oh yeah! This is the most annoying thing that ever happens. Ideas which come to you at the most crazy moments. You can still talk yourself into scribbling down the gist of them at 2am. I’ve been hit by ideas at moments when I have no access to a pen, or moments where I couldn’t possibly do anything to note them down. This year it happened in the middle of a wedding ceremony. Last year, I was on stage, and in the middle of a song I’m singing, I get some crazy idea- that i could not remember for the life of me once I got off stage. It’s just as annoying when the best ideas come to you in the middle of an exam. And disappear by the time you finish it, because all the chemistry you were forced to think about push your novel right out of your head. 😡
    And now I’m struggling with my NaNo efforts- no ideas, no motivation, and a word count stuck at 4000. 😦

  2. I hate it when stuff like that happens. If it is a an idea for a poem I can often repeat the lines to myself long enough to find something to write on but anything else I am lost. I have been desperate enough to carve notes to myself on the outside of a Styrofoam cup with my finger nail before. lol
    Keep going! You can do it! Whenever I get really really really stuck I resort to zombies. It doesn’t matter if zombies completely don’t fit what I am writing. I find a way to stick them in anyway. Often the randomness is enough to make my brain wake up and take back over with the actual story. Then in December I go back and take out all the zombie bits during my edit. But because I am a word hoarder, I keep the bits tucked away in a folder…just in case. One day I’ll have enough zombie bits for an entire book. 🙂

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