work and writing

It’s my last night of work. I’m not awake but I am dressed and I have shoes around here somewhere.  I have to leave the house in about ten minutes or so to make it there on time.  If I do, it will be the first time that I’ve made it on time all week.

My writing is also falling behind schedule.  I am doing Nanowrimo but instead of making the 1670 words a day quota, I’ve managed more like maybe 500 or so.  I am enjoying my book so far and I would be writing it regardless of Nano so I don’t feel as rushed.

I don’t usually write outlines, but for the first time I have one.  I write a scene, think about the next one, then lay it down too. It’s nice. I need to get my word count up but other wise as far as the story goes I think I am doing well.


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