Socks and the sniffles

I awoke this morning to find it another chilly and blustery day.  Well, technically it was day. 5am is in the morning, even if a heavy yellow moon and a sky full of stars still shine in the sky.

I am still suffering from my head cold as well.  It has slowed me down a lot. So much so, that I haven’t even attempted to write more than a few paragraphs here or there.  Instead I’ve been curled up on the couch with a basket full of yard attempting to learn how to crochet socks.  It should be mentioned that my crochet skills are severely lacking. Typically I can mostly manage straight lines, which means I can make scarves and (if I get really ambitious) maybe a blanket.  My last attempt at socks was pretty much a ball of knots and a tangled crochet hook.

I am extremely proud of the pair of socks I managed to make yesterday. They may look a little odd but they actually fit a real person. Next time I may even manage to make a pair where both socks are even the same size! lol   (One is a little shorter than the other. My son doesn’t seem to care though. He wears them around for awhile then takes one off and uses it as a sock puppet, before returning it to his foot.)




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