With great access comes great responsibility

My internet decided to cut out on me today  while I was online.  My first emotion was confusion, followed quickly by panic.  I realize internet access isn’t exactly necessary for my continued existence but I like having the ability to converse with three people at once without being in a crowded room.  I like having articles and information at my finger tips. I like knowing that my random questions can be answered in just a few clicks of a button.

Sure I frequent the library.  I read paper books. I have the ability to look things up the old fashioned way but I like the convenience and the entertainment provided by internet access.  Maybe I am addicted. I don’t think so though, because I do go several days at a time not even thinking about clicking the firefox icon.  (Those are the days my email piles up and I have to go through and delete 25 national geographic offers and dozens of sale flyers from all those places with loyalty cards and my email address.)

Having so much information and communicative power at your finger tips could go to a persons head.  That is why we must be sure to use it wisely.

2 thoughts on “With great access comes great responsibility

  1. Oh! Don’t I relate! I share my computer with my Dad and Bro. I can at least try and wheedle/bully my bro into surrendering the desktop to me, but my Dad- no way. It’s one of the reasons I hate weekends- almost no access to the computer and the vast worlds of the internet, since Dad is at home..
    I guess I’m addicted. 😐 Lovely post, by the way.. 🙂

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