Business of writing

Last night I was speaking with a friend who made the mistake of asking specific questions regarding my writing.  My friend knows me well, but didn’t realize the land mine he had stepped on.  Not a destructive land mine but one of words. (He was a little tipsy at the time or he might not have asked. haha)                    This particular friend always likes to ask questions I usually have to think about.  In revenge, I always try to give detailed honest answers.

So when he asked about writing and about my thoughts on the process and on publishing, I answered. He was very surprised that my answers were so long without me having to pause for thought before hand.  Writing and publishing are something I think about a lot.  I don’t really have definite answers to many of my own questions about the process and what to do with things when I’m done with them but I am learning.

The business side of writing isn’t fun to think about.  It can be confusing and frustrating.  Sometimes it seems easier just to ignore it altogether. While that may be a pleasant idea, a writer who one day wants to be published, traditionally or otherwise, has to keep their information channels open.  It’s important to know what is going on and the benefits and drawbacks of all possible options. 




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