Writing is Hard

Writing is hard. Life makes it harder.  It gives you stuff to write about but takes large chunks of writing time away. 

I get spoiled on my week off because I have hours to just sit and write while the kids are at school.  The week I work, it is a little more difficult to squeeze in time.  Usually I ends up with just stuff scribbled down on random bits of paper (and occasionally flesh when paper is not available.  Remember the Disney movie Mulan where she wrote notes on her arm and then couldn’t read them after they got smudged?  Yeah, that’s me.)



The thing is life doesn’t go away…. Well okay, eventually it does, but that is all the more reason to scribble like mad while you can.  Honestly I am so tired right now that I don’t know what will end up on the pages I’ll write today.  I’ll write them anyway. (Then edit them later.)  Because I have a moment right now and I am going to use it.  I don’t know how long my free moment to write will last, so I have to make the most of it.

*Sigh. Rubs tired eyes* Writing is hard, it’s lonely, and it quite often drags a writer to the very edge of madness.  (Sometimes I’m not sure which edge.)  However, there is very little else I’d rather be doing.


3 thoughts on “Writing is Hard

  1. Writing’s easy. Revising and formatting are harder, getting all the little details right and finding the clumsy words and typos.
    I’ve written four novels; the first one went up on Amazon’s Kindle today. I’m working on editing/formatting/picking a cover photo for the other three.
    And in between, for relief I’ve started writing two other novels. Yes, I write them simultaneously. I may even add a third one. I don’t have a day job or a night job, and for that matter I don’t need to write for the money. That’s how I manage to juggle all the books and the work!

    1. Writing is definitely easier than revising. With writing (once I get into in) you just slap the story down on the paper. My greatest difficultly there seems to be sleep time vs. writing time. At least during my work week. Going back and straightening that story up, tying shoes and making sure its shirt isn’t on inside out, that is something else entirely. 😀 At least for me. I am still learning what works. I am sure I will get it all down to a some what more streamlined process eventually.
      Thank you for stopping by!

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