Waiting Rooms

Princess Leia sitting in the containment cell on board a Star Destroyer, must have felt a lot like someone waiting in a doctors office.  She didn’t know what was going to happen and her continued health was left up to two guys posing in white suits.

I have spent the last few days inside Doctor’s offices and the ER so I’ve had some time to think about this.  My son isn’t feeling well.  No one seems to know what is wrong.  He is fine, no fever or anything, but he throws up a couple of times a day and has been doing so for the last week.  He is eight years old, a good student, and a reasonably active kid.

Three weeks ago he got bitten by a tick at his Grandmother’s house. He pulled it off himself and seemed to be okay, except the bite took forever to heal.  The doc drew blood to test for Lyme Disease, but we are still waiting for the results.

My life is currently full of worry and stress. (Hence the lack of recent posts here.) Who has time to write when you’ve got a sick kid and doctor bills to contend with?  Well…actually, I didn’t have anything else to do during the eight hours at the ER.  So I pulled out a pen and scrounged up some paper.  None of what I wrote is at all usable but it did keep my fingers in practice and it kept my mind busy.

A friend of mine gave me a great complement yesterday.  She said my best quality as a writer wasn’t that I was “an awesome writer” but that I was a “dedicated writer”.  She was quick to assure me that she didn’t mean that my writing wasn’t awesome but that she thought that the dedication I showed toward my writing was admirable.

I was flattered of course and today while I was sitting in the doctor’s office again I thought about what she said.  Dedication is a good thing to have.  (Personally, I always called it stubbornness.)  Anyone can walk a mile if they take one step at a time and then just keep going.  Writing works the same way, just one word at a time and keep going.

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