Day 2 and early morning words

So I am up ungodly early in the morning typing away.  I went to bed several times last night but  I kept waking up after just a few hours.  The fact that everyone else in our room was still up probably didn’t help. I am not upset or anything.  We’re at a Con. Sleep is fictional. Even more so if your crazy enough to insist on getting some writing done before the rest of the actual day begins.  Fortunately, there is internet access and a coffee shop in the lobby.

There are several drawing panels I am going to try to make it to today.  While drawing isn’t really something I have a lot of talent in, I still like to do it from time to time and any tips to help me do it better are good.  There a couple of history panels I am going to try to hit too.  One is world history (via Hetalia which is an interesting little anime but often makes my brain hurt) and the other is the history of sweets (as in candy).   If you haven’t guessed, I like to learn things.  Even random things.  Especially random things. You never know when they may be useful.

Case in point: last night I explained to my Con roommates how lithium batteries work.  I only knew because I watch a random science thing on tv at 2am on Weds.  My friends are used to my random facts by now. ( One is a fellow writer and the others suffer us patiently.)


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