Finding the write support

This is my cat. Really. Her name is Panda and she likes to walk across my keyboard while I am typing and knock tea pots off of the top shelf.  I have now moved all of my tea pots and cups to a different shelf and left this one bare for her personal napping.  You can’t really argue with a cat.  They listen about as well as characters do when you’re writing them.

Panda is also my writing buddy. Whenever she is not showing her disapproval for the lack of attention while I write, she snuggles up right behind my computer and naps.  If I get really stressed about my story not going well, she is there for a cuddle and a pet.  It’s good to have a support system and know who (or what) they are.  I have friends I can call and rant to as well, but some time all you need is a warm cup of tea and a cat in your lap.

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