Overcoming perfection

I started writing a new book.  The other one is still simmering.  I may pull it out this afternoon to poke at it and see if it is ready for the next edit.

My new book isn’t actually very shinny new.  I’ve had the middle of it tucked away for awhile now, I just didn’t know what it was.  I’ve started at the beginning and am planning on writing all the way through to the end. (You know, like how a story is pretty much supposed to go.)   My problem is that I am getting in my way again.  The part I’ve already done is kind of awesome (in my personal opinion) and I want the rest of it to be awesome too.  This is a problem for a first draft.

First drafts may have awesome bits but the whole thing isn’t going to be spectacular the first time through.  That’s why it’s called a First draft.  I have to give myself permission to possibly screw it up.

It is really hard to write something that cannot be fixed later.  I know that.  I’ve written books before. (Mistakes can always be corrected in the next draft.) However, every single time I write a book I still have to force myself over that same hurdle.  It is okay to not be perfect.  Perfect comes later.

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