Facepalm mistakes, Sleep, and Knowing Your Characters

So I did it again.  I was writing a post and then hit the wrong button and now it’s gone.  And of course since I pretty much make these up as I go along, it has disappeared into that nothingness void that lost words go to.  I have thought about planning my post out in order to provide some sense of direction. A lot of other people do it, but I finally decided it wouldn’t be as much fun.

….So….about my post…what I had down was something about how I finally managed to get some sleep (quite a bit) and how now that I am awake and functional I don’t know what to write on.

Anyway, to continue on, I finished the latest draft of my current book and now I am letting it sit awhile and cook until I have forgotten most of what I wrote.
To hurry this along I have read three or four books.  (Among them being Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett, so if this comes off sounding slightly British that’s why.)

I still haven’t managed to get my book off of my mind.  I keep trying.  However, I have this problem nagging at me that I want to fix even though I really don’t even want to look at that set of characters right now.

It is a big problem. My main character, the one the whole thing revolves around, is two dimensional.  I have to figure out how to flesh her out some.  I guess my problem is that I don’t know her as well as the others even though I should. (How can you write a book about someone and not know them?)

I often have trouble writing female protagonist.  I don’t know why. ( I mean, I am female so that should make it easy right?)  I think it might be that I get bored with them and don’t bother to put enough thought into their creation.  Which is awful, I admit, but now that I’ve recognized the problem I can take steps to fix it.

If characters bored me then they are going to bore the readers, and if readers get bored they either skip bits or stop reading.  So I am going to offer my female protagonists a cup of tea and get to know them better.  (Maybe they won’t even like tea, who knows?)

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