Writing limbo

It’s funny.  I finished up the latest draft of my book thinking that as soon as a I was done I could take a writing break. I looked forward to this break.  I intended to read a dozen books or so and then get back to it refreshed and ready to go.  However I am currently at a lose.

I know while I was writing there was a pile of books taunting me, but now not a one of them looks interesting. And my fingers feel odd not pressing down the keys in a mad dash to finish something.  I also have only minnow sized ideas that need time to grow into big fish before I try to catch them on paper.  So writing is out too.

Also I am completely exhausted. I would like to take time just to sleep but it seems that I am denied that as well.  I am sure the universe has some kind of plan going on here but I’m not seeing it at the moment.

My current theory is that I am being left dangling and sleep deprived so that eventually, in a fit of frustration and insomniac delirium, I will write the ultimate work of fiction.  Unfortunately, if my current luck holds true, I will forget to sign this ultimate work and it will go down in history as written by that prolific immortal author, Anonymous.


One thought on “Writing limbo

  1. Thanks for sharing! Definitely relate to this. When I finished my first manuscript, I thought I would want to catch up on reading, but in reality, I couldn’t pick up a book without stopping after a short while. I think it was because good writing scared me into thinking that my manuscript wasn’t good, and that it was all just a waste of time. Crazy stuff.

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