Table, Meet Head…

I have come to the conclusion that the ending of my book is like a mirage in the desert.  Every time I think I am coming up on  the finale, I find that it is instead two more dunes away.  Now I have a civil war erupting, which was provoke by one of the side characters.  Why?  I don’t know…But it fits. It is supposed to be there.   And my neat and mostly tidy ending just moved further away.

I could go and cut out the civil war and finish everything up with a bow just like I originally planned, but honestly this way is so much better.   Instead of “yeah okay, the protagonist wins”, its more like” holy crap that sucks, run, oh good your safe”.  If this was a book by someone else that I was reading, I would much prefer the second ending, which is why I am going to write it that way.  Even if it takes me another bloody week to write.


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