Writing until I drop

So I really wanted to post something useful today, only I couldn’t come up with a single helpful hint or interesting tidbit because my brain is five shades of sluggish.  (I have resorted to coffee since tea didn’t seem to do the trick.)  Then I realized I was also stalling by trying to force my brain to come up with a blog post.

See my plan for today is to write, write some more, then continue to write until I get the ending of my book finished.  I might be just a little intimidated by the task considering I’ve been up since five this morning and I am just now getting started with my writing day.

I have washed dishes, completed a load of laundry, taken out the trash, watched the news, and had a snack.  In short, I’ve been dragging my feet.  So finally I packed up my computer and left the house. Right now I am in a booth at the library coffee shop. (Which is the most wonderful thing in existence because It combines two of my favorite things: Books I can take home and writing fuel.)  I have my notes spread out on the table and a warm cup of sugary creamy caffeinated goodness to my right.

*Deep breath* So here I go.  Wish me luck.

Oh and if any of you are hungry for useful info for writers you should check out these blog posts from an author I greatly respect.  http://stephanie-osborn.blogspot.com/

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