Mosquitoes are annoying.  I think that is another reason I like writing in the morning.  For some reason there aren’t as many of the little buggers around then.

However, whenever I have to go to my other job (the one that currently pays the mortgage) then I usually write in the afternoon.  I don’t like this arrangement but I am far too brain dead when I get out of work in the morning to make any type of sense.  Which brings me back to mosquitoes.

The little blood sucking beasts haunt me no matter what I do to deter them. I have the fan going, I use bug repellent, and have enough citronella candles lit that I am certain my neighbors think I am practicing some kind of arcane magic.  Actually they are sort of right.

I am summoning words.  I am bringing them forth from the far reaches of my imagination and bending them to my will. It is dangerous because sometimes the words escape and sometimes they take over.

Now if I can just get these tiny annoyances to quit demanding their blood sacrifices I can get back to it.


2 thoughts on “Mosquitoes

  1. I have the same dang issue. And I live near the swamp so they are in high abundance. I think I was just bit three times while writing this. God help us all…lol

  2. I don’t understand where they all come from…surely there must be someone taster than me for them to go after. Maybe my problem is that I try too hard to get rid of them. They see me as a challenge. lol
    Good luck! *passes the after bite*

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