The BIC Method

The best piece of advice I have ever received as far as productivity was B.I.C.

Put your Butt In the Chair and write. This is harder than it sounds. Even for someone who loves to write there are going to be those days where the prose comes slow and it feels more like work than fun. You will think of all of the other things you could be doing instead. Maybe some of those things even need to be done, just not right now. Now it is time to write. Now it is time to sit in that chair and put words on paper. (Or on the screen depending on your preference.)

It takes discipline and stubbornness to write. Don’t let a difficult paragraph or chapter over come you. Don’t fall prey to the siren call of dirty dishes or laundry. Write. Write Now. Practice the rule of BIC. (Then give yourself permission for a cup of tea.)


2 thoughts on “The BIC Method

  1. Great advice! I’m currently in this predicament! I am sitting her reading blogs rather than finishing the added chapter that needs to be written so I can continue on with my edits. Ugh….

    Cross you fingers that I will prevail! Discipline! BIC! Music! Caffeine! I think that’s all I need to succeed. Damn slow days.

  2. I was writing a blog rather than working on a chapter so you are in good company! 🙂 Sounds like you have all the necessities for writing. You can do it! I hate slow days too….*wanders away to write thrice blasted chapter*

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