Writing to do

I feel like someone twisted me into a pretzel last night while I slept.  The sun is up and shining but my office front porch is wet from the rain that hammered the roof last night. When I stepped outside the first sight that graced my eyes was a dog in the neighbor’s yard doing his business.

If that’s not a sign to go back to bed…

However, I have writing to. I’ve set the kettle on for tea, but it is taking an unusually long time to heat.  I still want to go back to bed.  Instead I will go get a towel, dry off my chair and set up my computer.  By then the water will be hot and I can have my tea and life will start to look better.  I hope.

It really doesn’t matter though, if it does or not, because I have writing to do.  Each word counts. Each word is progress.  Ten words or ten pages all amounts to the same step in the right direction.  The step may be smaller today and harder to take than it was yesterday but I will make it anyway.  I have writing to do.



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