Some Random Babbling

I am sitting on my front porch with a hot cup of tea and and English muffin coated in Strawberry preserves, watching my cat play in the wet grass.  I mowed the lawn yesterday. My hands still hurt from wielding the push mower.  (Yes wielding. You didn’t see my grass. It didn’t go down without a fight.) Also there is a bird in one of the trees in my front yard that sounds like R2D2. (Really it does.)

I had a rather productive day yesterday and got a good bit done on my book. (Yeah I am still working on the same one. But a wise woman recently told me Books take as long as they take. Each one is different.)  I also picked up a new writing and editing program.

I’m sure many people have heard of Scrivener. (If you do NanoWriMo and win you get 50% off.  The coupon for 2011 Nano is still good btw. It expires in Oct.)   I had never bothered with it before because ,at the time, I was naive enough to think it was just another way to get writers to spend money.  I never actually looked in to it.  I wish I had.

The reason I decided to give it a peek was because I heard so many other writers talk about it. (And there is that R2D2 bird again.  If I couldn’t see the thing in the tree I would think there was someone messing with me.  I wish I had some way to record it to prove I haven’t been watching too much Star Wars. Anyway….sorry for the ADD ) So since all the other kids had this toy I wanted it too I decided to give it a shot.  What I found was that it is worth the money.  I haven’t even got to play with utilize it much yet but already I think it is amazing.  If I had it when I first started writing my book the current editing would have been so much easier.  Fortunately I can now move my book over to Scrivener.  It has so many helpful tools.

I’m lazy today so instead of going over the Scrivener awesomeness I am just going to give you a link to a 9 minute tutorial that explains the basics.  Also National Novel Writing Month is in November and if they do like they have for the past couple of years, then you can get half off the program for completing your novel in the 30 day time limit.  (I’ll give you a link to that too.  Though I will be singing the praises of NaNo closer to November.)


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