Thunks head against table

Okay so I just did some deep philosophical prying into my own brain about reading verse writing and my ability to procrastinate.  Then I typed it all up to post here.  Then I pushed the wrong button. Now it is all gone. Hence the head thumping.

I really should just try to re-write it all, but the last version took me almost an hour to get perfect.   So instead, I am going to talk about backing up your work.  It’s a good idea. Do it. It will save you from concussions. (At least some self inflicted ones.)

It is horrifying when you pour your creative energy into something, give it life and depth, only for it to be snatched away by a cruel twist of fate or the random power outage.  This has happened to me multiple times. (You would think I would have learned my lesson by now.)

Back up your stuff. It is important.  I have multiple copies of whatever I am working on. (Just not blog posts.  They are usually more spur of the moment or whatever has been rattling around in my head.  Maybe I should learn to write them out elsewhere then post.)

Hard copies, external hard drives, the internet, email it to yourself, whatever you have to do, just make sure you have your work saved in more than one spot. That way if ,heavens forbid, something happens you will not have to worry about starting back at square one. I tend to email short stories to my best friend.  She reads over them, gives me feed back or puts my ego in its place (whatever is needed at the time) then saves them to her own external hard drive for me.  (This was easier to convince her to do since I bought her the hard drive and she is also married to my brother.)   I save my stuff myself, but this way I have a back up, back up.

The previous post I had planned on will probably be re-attempted at another time.  (By the way, word press has this handy little “save draft” button.  Had I clicked it before, this post would not exist but the other one would.)

4 thoughts on “Thunks head against table

  1. I agree with what you say, but I have a slightly scary corrolary. Writing a book – I thought I’d backed up very adequately, and lo… I had not. 10K gone. After a bit that had ripped the guts of me to write too. There was no option but to write it again. I was well-pleased with the re-attempt. it was faster and easier the second time, but I’d lost that deathless prose, that turn of phrase, that raw emotional meat exposed… book due, too bad, it had to be in. It bugged me for years. And then fast forward a lot of years, leaving for Australia, sorting a mess of paper… come across a print-out. The book in question. The original pre-crash 10K in it. Don’t ask… I think I was just too freaked out to realise I had paper and not just 3 computer backups (pre-cloud). I went back… It wasn’t deathless. Actually the second pass was IMO better… so being a petty, silly man, I printed out the second version, and copied the first and sent it to a few readers…
    There were bits in both they hated. But the second won.

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