Lazy Characters

Characters are just like regular people, some are lazier than others.  It can be difficult to motivate them.  It sometimes becomes necessary to prod them into action.  That is why you have to know them. Know where they are coming from and why. It doesn’t all need to go into the story but it is important for you know most of the details, because characters can dig their heels in and just refuse to do whatever it is you want.

Sure, they might like to sit at the bar all day drinking scotch but that really doesn’t make for a good story.  So you have to make them do something.  Find out what you can tempt or threaten them with.  If nothing else, you can always destroy the bar.

It is a two way street though.  You have to listen to them too. Sometimes they have ideas of their own that are better than whatever you’ve come up with. Give them room to run, just make sure they are actually moving.


One thought on “Lazy Characters

  1. Great Post! I forget that sometimes when I write. I figure that more often than not my characters know what they should be doing, I just have to write it down.

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