Badly Written

I read a story the other day that still boggles my mind.  It was awful.  The characters repeatedly had massive personality changes.  There were random events that had nothing to do with the actual story and the ending  brought no conclusion.

It was well written. The grammar was correct, scenes were well laid out, and descriptions were plentiful.  However the story was just bad.

I wanted the wasted hours of my life back by the time I was done.  I kept reading because I had hope that the author was being really clever.  The writing was good, so all of the story problems would probably be answered by an amazing twist that would make everything clear.  There wasn’t a twist.

I read the whole thing.  It continued to grow worse then it just ended.  It was as if the writer had a certain word limit and just stopped when they reached it.  I stared at the screen for awhile expecting it to magically give me the answers I wanted.  When that didn’t happen, I did what everyone does when they witness massive devastation, I told my friend about it.

I described the plot holes and the bi polar characters.  She laughed at my exaggerated horror but agreed that there had been something lacking.  (Plot holes have now become a running joke.)  It was after this talk that I realized that I hadn’t wasted hours of my life reading a ghastly piece of fiction.  I had learned something very important.  I learned what not to do and what to watch out for in my own writing.  I will not be reading that particular work again but at least I walked away with something useful.


One thought on “Badly Written

  1. I recently went through the same thing. This book I read was well-written, but the main character was just ridiculous. I only made it through 87% of the book before I finally threw in the towel. I didn’t even care to finish it. I also called my best friend to vent to about it. All she could do was laugh at how enraged I had become. It’s important to remember that a character must grow within a story and to try and stick with realistic emotions so the character is believable. And to not have every guy/girl drooling over them like this book did.

    Excellent post.

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