I am finally nearing the end of the first revision of my book and it is a scary thing.  I should be excited and I am, sort of.  However, I am also apprehensive. I have been working on this project for months.  When it is complete then I will have to focus the majority of my concentration on something else for awhile.  Finishing the revision doesn’t mean the book is done.  It means that I can start the second revision, eventually.


Writing a book is a lot of work.  It has quite a few things in common with raising kids.  They both take a great deal of time and focus. You don’t want to send either one out into the world without them being properly groomed and dressed; which means brushing hair, tying shoes, and wiping out spelling mistakes.  You don’t want to people to see your kids in holey shoes or your books with holey plots.

You wonder when you send them out into the big world what people will think of them and whether or not they will be well treated.  You worry.  It is easier to keep them unfinished or in footy pajamas than it is to set them loose out of your sight.  Nevertheless, kids will grow and stories will come to and end.  It’s the way life works.  Babies grow into adults and enough prose becomes a book. As parents and as authors it is our job to make sure they turn out the best we can help them to become.


4 thoughts on “Endings

  1. You know, I really appreciate your dedication to editing and revising your work — this is such an important step that so many authors neglect! You know, there are lots of options for the second and third revision stages though including everything from a critique group to hiring on a freelance editor — I’ve never hired an editor before (though I am one :p) but I have joined plenty of critique groups to great success! If you don’t know of one or belong to one already, you can always check out http://writers.meetup.com/ for some possibilities — keep fighting the good fight!

      1. No problem! I actually love it when I reach the editorial phase(s) in my writing — I feel like that’s where I really discover my story, where I get down to the nitty-gritty of my characters, their motivations, and their actions — what do you think?

  2. I am certainly discovering new things as far as story and characters go. This is my first time doing an edit of this size. I find part of the time I hate slogging through the sloppy bits and cleaning them up, then later I am baffled by the changes I make, and the rest of the time I am in awe of those moments where I find, “yes that was the way it was supposed to go.”

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