Today I’ve felt kind of lazy, not the I don’t wanna do anything lazy, more of the my limbs weigh more than my entire body and somehow gravity seems to have increased kind of lazy.  Caffeine usually helps me combat this type of lazy and restores gravity to its normal strength. It’s not working today. I think I abused its restorative powers too much yesterday.

So, after getting my necessary writing done, I am going to sit down and do a dialogue study.  Which honestly means that I am going to pick out a couple of my favorite movies and kick back with a bag of popcorn and try to figure out why I like them so much.  (This works best with movies that have been seen so many times that you don’t become so engrossed with the movie that you forget to pay attention to what they are saying.)  I ask myself  questions like:  Why do I like this movie so much?  Is it the awesome special effects or the witty comebacks that make the movie?  Why do the characters work?

I watch the movie like a writer.  I often do this with books as well but there are no rules that say the same process can’t be applied to Dead Poets Society or The Last Starfighter. I keep a notebook handy just in case something triggers an idea I may want to utilize later.  I suppose I could take notes too but then I would have to pause the movie every few minutes which would cause me to lose the feel of how the movie flows from one scene to the next.  I prefer to watch it all the way through and just jot down the really important things.   Try it the next time you’re having a lazy day.  Just remember to get your writing done first.

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