Writing Evidence

Last night when I walked down the steps of the porch, the air was thick and heavy.  Humidity hung low in the sky, taking the form of angry purple clouds.  Echoes of angry gods rumbled in the distance, slowly growing louder the closer they got to my mere mortal dwelling.  This morning the grass and trees are a crisp bright green, the sidewalk a clean slate, but the sky is still a patchy dark gray.

When writing, sometimes you are the mastermind.  The ingenious Professor Moriarty to your reader’s Sherlock Holmes.  You want them to catch on and to follow your trail but you can’t just tell them “Hey, I’m going this way.”

That isn’t how the game is played.  It is not fun for them, and no fun for you either. However, you can’t be too clever with your clues or they will go the wrong way or just not follow at all.  Simple clues are the best, ones that we all recognize. Yet, you have to deliver them in such a way that the readers have to piece it together for themselves, even if they don’t realize that is what they were doing at the time.

I never actually told you that it rained last night.

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