Sick but Still Writing

I am much recovered from my recent illness and finally ready to get back to work.  My manuscript is waiting in the same spot I left it in days ago.  It is time to dust off those pages and get back to rewriting.

One good thing about being sick was that it gave me a lot of time to think.  I knew my book was waiting but I also knew there wasn’t a thing I could do about it in my state at the time.  It took away that sense  pressure I had smothered myself under. There was one spot that was giving me a lot of trouble and no matter what angle I approached it from it didn’t feel right.

While I lay in bed, during my moments of fever free consciousness, I thought about that one part and how it effected the rest of the book.  I thought about everything that came before it and a lot of the things that came after it. I thought about how the characters were effected and how just one scene set so many other things in motion.  Then without the pressure and the mental pounding I had been putting myself under before, the answer came.  I knew exactly what to do to fix my issue with that one spot in my book…I was just too sick to get up and actually fix it.  It was nice to have my answer but absolutely frustrating not being able to implement it.

Thank goodness I am now well enough that I can.

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