The Write Audience

I spoke with an old friend yesterday and talked briefly about writing.  She surprised me because she said she didn’t think she had enough material in her for a book unless it was a type of memoir. This person is an amazing writer and someone I’ve always looked up to.

I wondered why she thought a memoir wouldn’t be a book?  It all depends on what you’re looking for in an audience.  Many famous and wonderful writers will tell you that you write for yourself first and foremost.  If you have something to say, say it, even if the only person interested in listening is yourself.

Just because a million people aren’t going to be reading what you write, it doesn’t make those thoughts and words any less valuable.  This was a lesson that took me a long time to learn.  I have shown my work to people before, people who’s opinion I respected, and have had them tell me the whole idea was awful.  I didn’t think it was awful.  It was a book that I wanted to read and it wasn’t out there yet so what was wrong with it?

The answer was nothing.  I just didn’t know my audience.  For that particular story, the only audience it had was myself and a few others that did enjoy it.

Which isn’t to say everything I write is roses.  Sometimes the things I write are pure crap.  What I am trying to relate is; do not ever ever Not write something because you think no one will be interested in your words.  You’re interested, and that is enough.


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