Writing Daze

I am one my second or third cup of tea (I lost count) and I am still staring at my computer screen with that glazed over look that means part of me is still asleep and not waking up no matter how much caffeine I pour down my throat. I am going to write anyway. It’s what I do.

On days like this my writing will either be incredibly brilliant because there is nothing to control my muse when the words start flowing or it will be one of those things I show to my sister to make her eyebrow do that funny twitch thing.  Either way I win. I will have accomplished my goal of writing today with something really awesome to show for it or something so incredibly weird or awful that I get the amusement of tormenting my dearest critic.  I don’t know which to hope for.  Wish me luck. 😉


One thought on “Writing Daze

  1. waiting from a distance to see what you have created today!
    you are going to be awake for 48 hours with all of that caffeine in your system 🙂
    David in Maine USA

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