To write or not to write…

The answer is to write, right?  Well not always.

Sometimes I find that after I’ve been working for awhile my eyes start to glaze over and my brain feels like it is going to start pouring out of my ears any minute.  I will have a couple of decent pages done and nothing else seems forth comings.  There are times I can write through and keep going.  Then there are the times when it just isn’t worth it.

If you are a writer then you already have some small masochistic leanings, but there is a limit.  Once you reach that limit it is okay to put down your pen, close your writing program, or toss your notebook across the room.  Then you go for a walk, you wash the dishes, or watch an episode of House.

The important thing is that you eventually go back.  You take a break and then get back to it.  Pick up that pen, turn on that computer, or open that note book and dive right back in.  A break gives your brain a chance to reboot and reorganize without you trying to force it.   Checking your email, reading a blog, or doing anything else near your writing space doesn’t count.  It only works if you get away from your workspace for a little while.

Give it a try. It works. In fact I think it’s time for me to make a cup of tea and sit on my porch.

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